New Construction & Remodel

Building an addition or remodeling your home can be an exhausting and stressful experience.  Selecting a reputable and reliable licensed general contractor, like Symphony Structures, is the key to a successful and stress FREE design and build project.  Symphony Structures will handle everything for you and work around your hectic schedule, family and vacations to get your design and build project finished on time and on budget.

Symphony Structures can build any type of structure – from masonry to frame & stucco.  We can help you make remodeling decisions that stay within your overall budget constraints.  We always consider the initial free estimate as your “dream home wish list”.  Then we can help you reach a compromise of upgrades, cabinetry and finishes that will fulfill your “wish list” and stay within your budget.  Estimating the design and build project in this manner is an exciting way for the homeowner to be an integral part of the building process with Symphony Structures.

Staying on time and on budget are huge concerns for homeowners looking to build or remodel.  At Symphony Structures, time is money – your money.  We want to give you premium quality custom home at the contracted price and finish date.  You will love Symphony Structures’ “been there … done that” attitude, because there isn’t much that we haven’t seen in 16 years.  Our goal is to simplify the home construction process and make it easy for you, the homeowner, to design and build anytime of the year, including the holidays.

We have built many custom homes and guest homes all over the Tucson valley.  A new custom home is great for two reasons: [1] You get exactly what you have always wanted and can afford, and [2] You build your nest egg from the inside out with instant equity.

Garages, Studios, & Workshops

A new garage, studio, or workshop is something everyone craves.  More room for more stuff.  Symphony Structures can build an attached or detached garage, studio or workshop structure that seamlessly matches your existing home.   We’ll make your project look like it was there when your house was originally built.

A garage can be used for anything and everything, even vehicle protection.  No matter what you have in mind for your new garage, Symphony Structures can build your garage any which way you’d like from extra ceiling height for big diesel trucks and RV’s or maybe a pass–through type garage because you always have a trailer hitched to the truck.  We can even build you a “toy box” to hold all your outdoor gear, motorcycles, mopeds, ATV’s, boats and sports cars.  Every garage is custom designed and built to meet your needs and lifestyle.  Big or small or long or tall … we build it all.  Yes, all.

Workshops are a great way to work from home. All workshops and hobby rooms can be designed to accommodate any type of business from wood working and welding metal, to creating new office space or a training gym. There are so many variables to workshops and studios that we can’t list them all here. As always, Symphony Structures will build whatever you need, where you need it, on time and on budget.

Patio & Covered Porch

Shaded areas are a high priority here in Southern Arizona.  Building a shaded patio or porch can help reduce your utility bills during the heat of the Arizona summer as well as create a cool and inviting space for entertaining or extending your living space outdoors.  Your new outdoor space can be custom designed and built to include a complete outdoor kitchen, with a refrigerator, grill, warming drawer, and prep area; or a fireplace for winter family fun.  A comfortable outdoor space is an investment in the quality of time with your family and friends.

Expanding your living space may be the only addition you‘ll ever want.  If you already have a covered porch, you have the basic foundation of a traditional “Arizona Room” which is a tranquil, enclosed space to soak up the winter sun without annoying insects.  Arizona Rooms are not traditionally heated or cooled, providing shade in the summer months and warmth in the winter months without extra utility costs.

A shaded patio doesn’t have to be attached to the house.  Many homeowners are requesting pool–side pergolas, ramadas and lattice structures, which are designed and built to shade your outdoor activity area.  Whatever your dreams … Symphony Structures can make them come true.