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Frequently Asked Questions:

People call or approach us all the time asking, “What’s the average cost to build or renovate my house?”  “What do garage’s cost?”  “How much is it to put up a covered porch?”  “I want a workshop on my property.”  “What do you think a new shop will cost?”

Giving a ballpark starting point is all we can really do without seeing your property.  There are many specific questions to ask when it comes to the overall scope of new construction work.  The scope of new construction work is a list of materials and labor to complete a project.  This is the reason we give free estimates to everyone.  We always count your first bid as your “dream home wish list” and from there we concentrate on your new construction budget requirements.  Sometimes homeowners can add upgrades and sometimes items must to be cut from the initial estimate in order to stay within your budget.

For example:

A basic, detached new construction garage starts @ $50 sq/ft for a completed project.  Architectural plans and permitting costs start around $800.  This is based on the project being located on a flat site with no slope and detached from the house.  Attaching to existing structures always costs more due to fire code coming into play with livable space.

Larger, full package, RV type new construction garages can get into the $60-$85+ sq/ft range due to various issues that may arise with the extra size and scope of the renovation project.

How much construction you get for that money:

  • 4″ monolithic concrete slab w/ 12x12x18 footings
  • 2×4 wall construction w/ 8′-0″ wall height
  • Sheathe entire project w/ hardboard siding
  • All clips, hold downs, hangers, & fasteners
  • Pre-engineered gabled roofing system w/ 20 yr comp asphalt shingles
  • 3:12 slope w/ 12″ overhang around perimeter
  • (1) non-insulated overhead garage door
  • (1) 36″ steel raised panel entry door
  • (1) 3030 dual pane slider window
  • Concrete landing @ the entry door & Concrete apron for garage entry
  • Painting of the exterior once completed
  • Removal of all construction debris

Optional New Construction Upgrades:

  • Electrical service (30, 60, 100 AMP packages)
  • 2×6 wall construction upgrade
  • Increase ceiling height above 8′-0″
  • Masonry projects (slump block, adobe, etc.)
  • Stucco projects (match any texture w/ 3 coat process)
  • Drywall & Insulation package
  • Interior painting
  • Extra windows & doors
  • Thicker concrete slab
  • Concrete stem wall systems
  • CMU block retaining walls
  • Skylights & Glass block work
  • Engineering Costs for RV type garages w/ ceiling height 10′+
  • Bigger oversized garage doors
  • Floor drains and septic clean outs
  • Site-prep for the project w/ sloped ground
  • Excavation & dirt work for the project
  • Build in Flood Zone, etc.

Symphony Structures Construction Estimates as of September 2019:

  • Covered Porches & Carports = $35 sq/ft – $40 sq/ft
  • Garages, Workshops, & Storage = $45 sq/ft – $70 sq/ft
  • Remodeling & New Additions = $65 sq/ft – $120+ sq/ft
  • Guest Suites = $100+ sq/ft
  • Sun Decks, Stairs, & Wrought Iron work = $50 sq/ft – $65 sq/ft
  • Driveway work (concrete, asphalt, pavers) = $6 sq/ft – $12 sq/ft
  • Block walled yard w/ stucco & paint = $50 lin/ft – $60 lin/ft
  • Studios & Hobby Rooms = $50 sq/ft – $70 sq/ft