Our building and construction company start

Symphony Structures is a locally owned and operated residential building & remodeling contracting firm located in Tucson, Arizona.  We are a fully licensed and bonded design & build firm established in 1996.

In 2006, Symphony Structures was purchased by Rick Hink & Paul Leichtnam; owners of Bestway Builders and Remodeling of Tucson.  Rick & Paul had known and worked with the previous owners on various projects for many years.  When the time came for Symphony Structures’ owners to retire and sell their business, they approached Rick and Paul.  After deciding that Symphony Structures would be a great fit for their future plans, Rick & Paul sealed the deal with a hand shake.  An era began for Symphony Structures, with future chapters that are yet to be written.

Home Remodeling since 2006

Today, Symphony Structures strives to be the finest builder in Southern Arizona.  Since 2006, we have become a family oriented business with Rick’s son, Kris, working as our general manager and project estimator.  One call to Kris is all it takes to set up a free estimate for your new construction or remodeling project.  He will help you to design your structure, obtain the necessary permits, and see the entire project through to completion.  Along with meeting and working with the homeowners, Kris also works the local home show conventions to meet many of our future clients.

Rick is not only a great builder, but he holds our electrical license.  Rick has been a master electrician and builder for over 30+ years.  Both Rick and Paul make a great team and are on-site contractors who wear their tool belts every day.

Paul has been in the construction industry all over the U.S., and is an excellent journeyman carpenter.  He’s been in the industry for over 33+ years and his quality of work speaks for itself.

Paul’s brother, Steve, works with the company as well.  Steve has been in the construction industry for over 25 years and is a great asset to the company as our lead carpenter and concrete specialist.

Adam Lawrence is our finish carpenter who also installs our flooring, tile, windows, doors, and drywall as well as painting our projects.  Adam has over 20+ years of experience and is our “jack–of–all–trades” guy.

Our build and design firm has over 100+ years of on the job experience to rely on.  Paul says, “There isn’t much we haven’t seen…and there’s not much we haven’t built.”  With well over 1,000 satisfied clients throughout the Southern Arizona region, Symphony Structures is your reliable and knowledgeable licensed general contractor for your next new construction and remodel building project.